Are You Ready To Clear Your Own Crap?

Folks call me the Spiritual Ass Kicker for a reason — I get breakthrough results, and fast.
I have spent the last decade perfecting my own techniques for permanently clearing blocks, doubts, fears and limiting beliefs. And now I’m going to teach YOU how to do exactly what I do.

Try before you buy with the first session free. In this power-packed live webinar, you’ll learn…

  • Your greatest spiritual asset and how to harness it
  • An easy trick to tap into the greater energy to get things cleared (and accomplished) much faster
  • A simple, powerful tool for releasing old garbage (as well as people, places and things who no longer belong in your life)
  • How to create MORE in your life…more happiness, more peace, more love, more money, more self-confidence
  • And much more

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To Your Next Big Breakthrough,




P.S. The free preview call is NOT a sales pitch – it is a value-packed instructional call and you will walk away with new tools for your own self-growth. At the end of the call, there will be an invitation to join the full course, if you wish to continue learning and growing. There will also be a special offer for those who sign up for the course immediately…this offer will not be extended beyond the live call itself.

I am so impressed with the simplicity of everything you taught us. This really made a big difference for me because I used to think it was so complicated. Now I know I can do this kind of thing. And I am doing it!

– Trudy, Sedona, Arizona, USA

Wow! I am amazed at how much my confidence has grown in this short course. What really helped to boost my confidence tremendously was when I got to do the clearing with other people. Having a partners to work with was SUPER powerful, especially right out of the gate, and then working outside of the partnership, all of it just helped build my confidence to a whole new level. Thank you, Amy!

РCarla, Saskatchewan, Canada